Our services

Web Application Development

Our team is experienced in developing any kind of web application. We are efficient in using the following platforms for development:
Angular JS 2.

Mobile Application Development

In today’s fast-paced world, smartphones are keeping us up to speed. Let us help you develop a mobile application that can help your business grow faster. We specialize in the following:
JAVA (Android)



Cloud Computing Services

we offer a variety of cloud services to our clients. An advantage of having cloud service over On-Premise is that you can access your data via a remote location with ease. Some of the cloud services we offer are:
Cloud- Saas Platform
Paas Platform Implementation & Integration
Windows Azure

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What else we provide?

Machine Learning / Data Sciences / AI

We experienced in other services as below by using R and Python language.

  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligent
  • Data Sciences / Big Data

Application Integration Consulting Services

or Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) uses a standardized method to allow applications to connect to a common system. This system is responsible for all the functionalities of the whole network. Our team can help find you the perfect integration service and connect you to interfaces and APIs of your choice.

Open Source Development

There is a lot of advantage to using open source; it allows a cleaner design and it reduces complexity and even helps to improve the maintainability of your web page. BitNumbers is experienced with the following languages for open source platforms:
Angular 2

Custom Software Development

Need to design software for a specific audience? Our team of experts can help you create software that is in line with your needs as well as your budget.

Who we are?

The BitNumbers team is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and is composed of experienced programmers and developers who love a good challenge. We welcome clients from all over the world with different software needs. We offer software consulting services including custom software development and Integration.

Our team prides itself on the quality of our work as we take our time in developing each project we are assigned to ensure that each output is exactly what our client is asking for. The team’s main goal is to extend our services overseas to better serve the world with our own brand of software development



About us

BitNumbers was started up in 2015, by a team with an ambition to provide better quality software to users not only in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia but for the whole world as well. Today, BitNumbers is a growing team and continue to provide customers with software development services that are priced just right. Our team works closely together with you to ensure that your concept is brought to reality through live applications. Our passion for innovation is our company secret to ensure that our solutions are always creative and unique for each client.

Our Clients

YTL www.ytl.com
Mindpeace www.mindpeace.co.jp


Are you a talented software developer looking to kick start your career?
The BitNumbers team is looking
for new members to add to their growing roster, and you might just fit
the bill.
If you have the passion
for programming and looking to learn and grow in the field, come join our enthusiastic team of experts
today! Please email us davidb@bit-numbers.com.

Contact Us

Have a concept in mind that you want to make a reality? That’s what our team here at BitNumbers are trained for! We are always ready to face new challenges and learn from each experience so we can better serve clients. Send us a message regarding the project you have in mind, and our team will work together to bring you the creative solution you are looking for.